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Homoeopathic Education Technology Workshop 2018

VENUE: JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital

DATES: 28th, 29th, 30th & 31st May 2018


  • To instill in our teachers the need for constant updation.
  • To learn new methods of teaching and learning.
  • To implement the concepts learnt to improvise teaching.


  • The MET workshop was held on 28/5 2018, with the blessings of H.H Sri Sri Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji , in presence of Dr . P.Krishna Chaudhary sir , Dr Arvind Kothe , Director JIMS, Dr. K.Raghuramchandra , Principal, JIMSHMC, Dr Reetha Krishnan, M.S , JIMS Hospital, Dr Navin Pawaskar, Senior Consultant, JIMS.
  • Dr Kothe welcomed the gathering and gave a briefing about the need of the workshop and said that the teachers should derive maximum benefit from this workshop.
  • Anjali Chodnekar gave the concept note of the workshop wherein she mentioned that our teaching faculty comprises of teachers as young as 3 months experience in teaching to 28 years of teaching . Keeping this in mind the topics and sessions were designed to meet the expectations of this diverse age group.
  • Navin Pawaskar added that such workshops were the need of the hour and JIMS had been envisioning the need of such a workshop. The speakers comprised of Guest speakers from various parts of India as well as the faculty from JIMS .
  • Swamiji while showering his blessings , urged the teacher to be a SEEKER of knowledge and to eliminate the EGO  in order to allow influx of knowledge. Citing stories , he demonstrated  how a good teacher can be tested through the performance of his students. He urged the teachers to  make exemplary  efforts to obtain knowledge .
  • Dr. P. Krishna Chaudhary Sir in his speech said that the teacher has to forever be a learner throughout his life . It is only then that he can instill such values in his students.



Session 1 : Educational Objectives concept for Model teaching Institute  on 28/5/2018

Speaker : Dr Arvind Kothe

Summary : Dr Kothe talked about Bloom’s classification, the knowledge ,skill and attitude aspect. He explained about principles involved in curriculum planning,  design in terms of methodology, evaluation and additional soft skills required to meet the needs of the education. The various levels of objectives were discussed, namely, Institutional, Departmental and Specific Instructional objectives.


Session 2  : Integrated  Teaching  on 28/5/2018

Speaker : Dr Kishore Mehta

Summary : Dr Mehta spoke on meaning and definition of INTEGRATION , aims of integration, the principles involved. The need for devising a curriculum and drawing out time tables to achieve horizontal and vertical integration. The approach should be patient oriented and must be taught through an integrated approach to Organon, Materia Medica, Repertory and clinical medicine.


Session 3  :  Curriculum Planning on 28/5/2018

Speaker : Dr Maneesha Solanki

Summary : Dr Solanki spoke extensively on time management and planning required to ensure completion of the syllabus in defined time frame. She said the key lies in judiciously utilization of degree of freedom available to each institute to devise innovative methods of learning. Dr Maneesha touched upon aspects like university guidelines and academic planning. She made all participants set S.L.OS for a class.


Session 4  : Teacher as a communicator  on 29/5/2018

Speaker : Dr. Suresh Chari.

Summary : Dr. Chari said a teacher has to be adaptable to change and to move out of comfort zones .

The  design should be in line with the organization’s goals and culture. We should adapt ourselves to generation Y . A teacher should express herself in terms of language, listening, Body Language, Gesture , Posture. And also stressed upon factors like emotional intelligence, rationality, voice modulation, eye to eye contact, assertiveness. A group acitivty on communication was conducted.


Session 5  : Teaching learnning methods  on 30/5/2018

Speaker : Dr. Muneer Ahmed

Summary : Dr. Muneer  dealt with various aspects of teaching like development of teaching tools, usage of aids for teaching, the focus on learner and the need  for the teacher to adapt to the changing pattern in learning. He also touched upon the differences between andragogic and pedagogic learning. Different types of small group and big group learning.



Session 6  : Problem Based Learning : Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE )   on 30/5/2018

Speaker : Dr. Madhav kamath

Summary : Dr. Kamath  addressed the problems we commonly face during examinations in traditional assessment. He demonstrated as to how objectivity can be achieved by setting up work stations which  are monitored by observers and the nature work stations is decided before the  start of the exam.


Session 7  :  Attributes of a Medical teacher

Speaker : Dr. Pravas Pal

Summary : Dr. Pal  emphasized the role of school teacher in modeling   the life of a student. He said a teacher should have quality like friendliness, presentable personality, creating interest, sound knowledge, good communication skills, good listener, good sense of humor, respect, resourcefulness, calmness. Negative attributes of teacher – inappropriate humor, making derogatory comments, complaining.  Expressing anger or frustration, lack of confidence bitterness and cynicism, uncooperative behavior, creating a threatening environment. He also emphasized the role of Mentor in medical education. An activity was done on teaching tools.


Session 8  :  Professional Etiquettes and Value system in Learning

Speaker : Dr. Sudhamathi M.

Summary : Dr.Sudhamati enumerated the values required for a medical teacher. She differentiated the difference between Value and Values. Professional ethics demand negative confrontation. Inculcate scientific outlook and improve personality. An activity was given to participants on instrumental values.


Session 9  :  Lesson Planning – Knowledge and skill Based .

Speaker : Dr. Anjali Prabhu Chodnekar

Summary :  Dr Anjali spoke about the need for lesson plan, stakeholders in learning, difficulties in adult learning. She referred to the steps on lesson planning, execution of lesson plan, catering to different domains of learning, session ended with an activity on formulating a knowledge lesson plan.



Session 10  :  Clinical skills – A most valuable tool for a teacher. .

Speaker : Dr. Reetha  Krishnan.

Summary :  Dr. Reetha  presented various types of clinical cases to emphasize  the application of concepts like kents observation, medical negligence  etc. She demonstrated the use of clinical examination in practice and its role in avoiding major catastrophes. Cases were presented to stress the role of serial investigations in understanding the pace of disease, evolution of the case etc.


Session 11 :  Total quality Management  – Need of the hour .

Speaker : Dr.  Navin Pawaskar

Summary :Dr Navin spoke of Ccontinuous Improvement process in an incremental manner as medical profession is a human intensive industry. He spoke on the need to develop processes which minimize human errors and cited an example of cross industry practices eg; aviation industry which has successfully implemented the processes and achieved success. He spoke on “checklist” and its use in easing the burden on a single individual, stressed on team work and repeated checks for compliance failures.

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