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Homoeopathy in Arthritis

Arthritis means inflammation of the joints. Causes are infection, auto-immune processes, degeneration, metabolic diseases like diabetes and gout. Any joint can get affected but commonest are the wrist and finger joints, knees, shoulders and spine. Symptoms of arthritis are redness, swelling, pain and restriction of movement.

There can also be cracking sound and abnormal shaping of the joint as a result of long term arthritis. Arthritis can be acute or chronic but it surely leads to reduced activity and functional impairment of the patient.

Homoeopathy treats arthritis very effectively. Homoeopathic medicines like Arnica, Belladona, Bryonia, Colchicum, Kalmia, Rhustox, Ledum Pal, Guiacum, Rhododendron etc are very useful in treating acute arthritis. Whereas Calcarea carb, Kali carb, Silicea, Sepia, Natrum Carb, Thuja, ManganumAceticum, Sulphur and like are excellent medicines for the chronic type. Biochemic medicines such as FerrumPhos, CalcareaPhos, Calcarea flour, Natrum Sulph are also very helpful in treating arthritis.

Homoeopathic treatment works at the general level as well as the tissue level. Hence in recent cases homoeopathy completely cures arthritis and in old, advanced cases it provides a good symptom relief. Homoeopathic medicines and their doses are given carefully by an expert homeopathic physician in cases of arthritis to avoid unnecessary flare ups and to provide lasting relief.

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