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Homoeopathy in Asthma

Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the respiratory airways. It causes swelling and obstruction of the air passages. Cough, breathlessness, wheezing are the main symptoms of asthma. Childhood allergic colds often establish themselves as asthma in the later years. An asthmatic patient is allergic to many things. Weather changes worsen asthma. Asthmatic patients have reduced endurance which restricts their activities. In most cases, asthma worsens progressively if left untreated.

Homoeopathy has a good scope in treatment of asthma. Homoeopathy is not only useful in chronic treatment of asthma but also is very effective in treating the acute episodes. Homoeopathic remedies such as ammon carb, antimony tart, carbo veg, corralium rubrum, arsenic alb, arsenic iod, kali carb, kali bichrom, kali nitricum, medorrhinum, natriumsulphetc are extremely efficacious in treating asthma.

Under the right homeopathic treatment frequency, severity and recurrence of asthmatic attacks reduces. Patient’s tolerance of the exciting factors increases. As the inflammation and obstruction are relieved with homeopathic treatment, breathlessness reduces, general endurance increases and quality of life improves. In many cases asthma is cured completely.

In chronic and severe cases, homeopathic treatment reduces the number of hospitalizations required by the patient. Homoeopathic treatment also helps reduce the dependency on steroids and bronchodilators. Homoeopathic medicines act gently but bring about a change at deeper level. A homeopathic expert can safely take the patient out of this chronic disease.

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