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My Encounter With Homoeopathy

It was around 6 years back, when I was setting several goals in my life and I was in a bit  of confusion to decide which course of knowledge would be apt for  my personality and intelligence.

Since  childhood I had  visited many allopathic doctors and reduced my sufferings instantly, which led me to think that medical science is nothing but a bunch of memory based topics, where several tablets and bitter  tonics are given for a particular disease. Thus medical science didn’t seem to  interest me much and I never thought of becoming  a doctor.

It was during the summer vacation  that year ,  I met a wonderful personality – Dr.Anitha who is a government homoeopathic doctor in my Grandmother’s village and she was the one who changed my opinion and proved every single statement which was in my mind about medical science to be wrong.

Now I realise what attracted me towards this true healing system was the procedure of case-taking, Finally I fell in love with this system after studying it in deep and seeing the results of cure everywhere.

To be frank, I felt silly at the same time surprising, when Dr.Anitha asked me about my personal history, life style, interests, dreams etc etc . It was about an hour that I was in conversation with her (till then I had experienced max of 10min conversation with a allopathic doctor), where I answered all her questions doubtfully. After completion of my case-taking, I curiously asked her what these data help for. Then she explained to me about the individualistic approach towards the patient is the main concept of homoeopathy and also guided me with several other cardinal principles of homoeopathy and t the characteristics of a healthy human being.

This created a lasting impact in my mind and attracted me towards homoeopathic system. After knowing few drops of knowledge about this vast sea like healing system, I decided to be a HOMOEOPATH with pride of true knowledge.

As rightly said by many of the eminent Homoeopaths:

“A case well taken is half cured. Every time you take a case, you are entering into a new world”

———says Elizabeth Wright

“There are no diseases but only sick individuals”

——says Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

  • A homoeopathic physician must have a good concentration  with an eye on  on the patient’s constitutional, miasmatic, individual, peculiar, rare, strange and characteristic symptoms than on the pathological changes.

Now I’m confidently studying BHMS by getting true classical homoeopathic knowledge day to day in JIMS homoeopathic medical college.




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