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JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College | Outreach Services

The fundamentals of healthcare are based on access to quality of healthcare and affordability. With more than 50 percent of population below poverty-line in rural areas face the challenges of access to primary healthcare at an affordable cost. Though the government is doing its best yet due to high patient loads the government hospitals are over burden. Hence to support the government efforts and to serve the local community, JIMS Healthcare has ventured into outreach services.

Our Objective .

Our Objective is to reach-out to the vulnerable populations facing challenges due to poverty, transport, logistics leading to lack of access to healthcare. Due to these factors it is mostly the women and children who face the maximum impact on their health.

To overcome this challenge JIMS reaches-out to approximately 45,000 people through its outreach program.

Scope .

The Scope of the outreach program is preventive health, health education, consumer awareness, health screening and early detection of illness.
Providing primary healthcare at doorsteps and referral for admission at JIMS for complex health issues.

Community outreach is about giving, contributing, and helping those who cannot help themselves. Our outreach program is evidence based strategy aimed to improve universal access to healthcare of underserved/dependent rural populations specially women and children around JIMS.

Our highly qualified and passionate medical team including doctors and interns, paramedics, medical social workers, who play a critical role in improving and extending the reach of health care through activities such as health education and awareness(homoeo-prophylaxis distribution for epidemic & vaccination importance), case management, basic health screening, on-board investigations, treatment and facilitating access to healthcare services, focused mainly on high risk age groups (pediatric/geriatric) and women of rural communities.

So far, providing primary health care facilities to 12 villages around JIMS, and covering the population of approximately 40,000, treating the particular health challenges faced by the community it is operating in, common disease like gyneacological disorders, nutritional disorders in children and malnutrition, lifestyle disorders(hypertension and diabetes), geriatric disorders, musculo-skeletal disorders, minor injuries are diagnosed and treated.

Our outreach program/mobile clinics are conducted every day at two different villages, We offer free of cost Homoeopathic medicines and basic hospital services along with treatment for patients from mobile clinics for economically challenged patients.

Our sincere gratitude goes out to the people of our outreach villages, counsellors, gram sarpanches, ASHA’s, non medical staffs at mobile clinic and well wishers for your rock-solid support system, co-operation and encouragement. Thank you very much for joining this event and making it successful.

A brief schedule of villages and patient statistics of our outreach program/mobile clinics
Name of the Village Name of the Mandal Population
Kms from JIMS Day
Sriram Nagar Moinabad 2800 23 kms Monday
Hayathabad Shabad 4000 26 kms Tuesday
Kongarakalan Adibatla Municipality 550026 kmsWednesday
Papireddy Guda Keshampet350028 kms Thursday
Lemoor Kandukur 6000 30 kms Friday
Harshaguda Maheshwaram 4000 20 kms Saturday
Mankhal Thukkuguda Municipality 4500 21 kms Monday
Kothwalguda Shamshabad Municipality 290015 kms Tuesday
Keshampet Keshampet4200 35 kms Wednesday
Narasappaguda Nandigama 2500 15 kms Thursday
Gummudavelly Kandakur2600 36 kmsFriday
Appareddyguda Nandigama 2200 16 kms Saturday

Total no. Of beneficiaries – 5282 and counting
(*) – indicates mobile clinics which are recently started

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