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Symposium On Importance Of Symptomatology In Homoepathic Practice & Education

To be a competent Homoeopathic physician, it requires a sound knowledge of the fundamentals of Homoeopathic Philosophy. Symptoms lie at the heart of homeopathic practice. To, elicit a symptom in homeopathic practice is key skill. To master this skill a keen eye for observation and command over the art of case taking is essential. Understanding symptoms and its importance in designing the homeopathic treatment plan thus, becomes very crucial for a physician. The symposium was designed with a view to initiate a discussion on various aspects of symptomatology in clinical practice and hence its implication in Homoeopathic education.

A symposium was organized on the 1st& 2nd of February 2019 at JIMS Homoeopathic Medical College by the MET Cell of JIMSHMC. Dr. Anjali Chodnekar was the Coordinator of the Symposium and Dr. Akshata Shanbhag &Dr. Raja Satish were the Co coordinators of this symposium.

Dr.Raghuramchandra, Principal JIMSHMC welcomed the participants at the onset. Dr. Arvind Kothe, Academic Director JIMSHMC emphasized that the purpose of the symposium is to facilitate continuous training and up gradation of knowledge to facilitate quality teaching. Dr.Navin Pawaskar Director JIMS HEALTHCARE, stated the objective of this symposium on symptomatology and encouraged healthy discussions on the various topics as a facilitator. Dr Reetha Krishnan, Medical Superintendant JIMS Hospital offered her valuable inputs on the subjects under discussion.

Day 1 of the Symposium:

  • Session 1- Dr.Akshata Shanbhag & Dr.Kalpavalli, presented  a case of fever and discussed how to list out common and uncommon symptoms, and form a  fever totality
  • Session 2- Dr.Revan &Dr.Manasa presented a case of Amenorrhea and discussed about LSMC fragmentation of a symptom and deriving mental symptoms from the life space and evaluating the symptoms.
  • Session 3-Dr T. Rajyalakshmi ,presented a case of Head Injury and demonstrated the importance of causative modalities in forming the totality and how  the  clinical diagnosis is impacted the  symptom classification .
  • Session 4- Dr.Farhana, Dr. Aparna &Dr.Akhil presented a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis and focused on the importance of ascertaining the mental state in forming a homoeopathic totality and how the Life space investigation  helps in understanding the personality of the patient who is suffering.
  • Session 5-Dr.Anjali Chodnekar presented on “Importance of Symptomatology in clinical practice and hence its value in education”

Day 2 of the Symposium:

  • Dilip Dikshit and Dr.Deepa Karia from Mumbai demonstrated the application of Organon 96 software for Symptom classification and case processing in any given case. He explained how all the concepts of Homoeopathy should be co-related in prescription. Dr.Dilip Dikshit shared his 50 years of experience with the group where he has treated pathological cases like Osteomyelitis of skull bone, Leukemia, Breast cancer, etc with high success rate. This motivated all the clinicians that Homeopathy does have miraculous results in pathological cases when proper remedy is selected.

The symposium was a delightful experience for all where learning emerged by shedding of the inhibitions and active participation in the case discussions. The day ended with distribution of certificates and sharing of experiences by all the participants attending the symposium.

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